Examples of Project Reports
You have a wonderful project that you want to complete and share as the culmination of your masters degree.  Good for YOU!!!

It can be useful to have examples of project reports that have been submitted in the past.  Here are a couple of projects where the authors have developed research-based curriculum and then reported on the process.

Taking University Business Courses Online: An Instructional Designer's Perspective 
Zachary P. Benton-Slocum

This project involves Mr. Benton-Slocum working with the College of Business at UNI to transform their program into an online program. He explains how he assessed their existing program, interviewed faculty, staff, and students to identify their needs, and the process he used to digitize their program.  While he couldn't actually assess the program by running it for a few semesters to see how it worked, he assessed the success of his conversion through discussions with College of Business faculty and students about his approach.  Modifications were made based upon their feedback.

Shift into Ctrl: Integrating Digital Citizenship into High School Freshman Transition Curriculum
Ellen Fairfield

Ms. Fairfield developed a curriculum where she integrated the Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum into their high school freshman program.  She met with faculty and administrators to create a foundation for the project and then asked for their input about the final project. Modifications were made based upon their feedback.

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