This is a place where you will find the answers to your questions (hopefully):

Question #1:  I can't get the videos to run on my computer.  It says that RealPlayer can't play it. What's wrong?

Answer #1: None of the videos require Real Player.  You need to use Silver Light add-in to run these Panopto videos.

Since your computer is trying to run them with RealPlayer, you may have set things up so that RealPlayer will try to run all of your multimedia.

When you install Real Player it asks if you want that for your default video app.  Many people say "Yes."  We need to set things up on your computer so that you have the choice to use Silver Light to run these videos.

This is how you can do that:
1. Uninstall RealPlayer from your computer.
2 Download the Silver Light add-in:
    Here is a link to that add-in\
3. Install Silver Light
4. Try running one of the videos.

If it works, reinstall Real Player ( but tell it NO when it asks to be your One and Only video program

Then try running one of the videos again and it should work.

Question #2:  Should we begin each section in this 10-page paper on a new page?
In your final masters paper, you will begin each section with a new page. 
Due to the page limitation for this10-page paper, you should not begin each section on a new page.